Our Story

Our story is a story within a story. 

The encounter of two people, two countries, love, passion and travel.

Pereira’s  International Pvt.Ltd.,our family business, was established in 1980 by my husband, Gerard Pereira. 

I arrived in India 28 years ago from Italy searching for adventure but endeavored much more.

Firstly love!

I also found my passion for Indian craftsmanship, learning all the tricks of the trade at first hand, from the art of weaving to intricate textile printing. Together Gerard and I have two children, born in India and raised with Indian and Italian influences.

Our daughter, Tanitha, is a visual communication graduate. She is artistic and works on projects that involve art direction, styling, content creation, fashion and interiors. She is an art enthusiast, print lover and is full of quirky ideas. She turns any dull corner into a warm and cosy nook ,filled with personality.

Our son Dylan has been passionate about cooking for as long as everyone can remember. He spends most of his time in the kitchen making the perfect pizza while bobbing his head to his well curated pizza playlist. He had worked in Italy and loves  Italian cuisine, from fresh pasta to the perfect sauce… "he has us covered at Bottega Pereira !"

Home is so important to the four of us, a place filled with warm memories, breezy Sundays ,music, love, food and friends. Over the years my husband, my daughter and I, have amalgamated Indian and Italian style making Bottega Pereira unique for its quality of home linen. We travel extensively around India with temporary pop up stores, which have allowed us to interact with our customers personally, helping us understand how to bring joy to their homes with customized products. 

Tanitha and I have now embarked on a journey that enhances all the great memories we have shared  together so that you can be a part of it too. Our desire is to bring to you a fusion between home decor, style ideas, food and lots of nostalgia.

Let the adventure begin with Bottega Pereira, not a brand but a lifestyle